Happy New Year from all at VIE13.
“SERIOUSLEE” thankful for the support in 2015. We’re just a small business that makes loud noises. When you buy from us you put food on the table for our 5 staff.
We’re honored that in 2015 we’ve got leaders of countries, celebrities, moviestars, politicians, world champions, olympians, national teams, national champions, motor sport stars, cycling royalty, men’s and women’s pro teams all in many different types of cycling, triathlon and skating in our kits.
Our apparel was worn to 6 world records and countless national records. We’ve got to help make sporting dreams come true, we’ve sponsored events, been on TV, in magazines, newspapers and a host of famous websites.
We’re most thankful for all our customers that love our kits enough to recommend us to their friends and family. 100% of our 2015 customers come from word of mouth, with all that we did in 2015 this is what we’re most proud of. Thanks for choosing to #flyvie13 bring on 2016!

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