Vie 13 Pluviophile Euro Rain Jacket



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Pluviophile – (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

New for 2019  

The technical fabrics and construction of this garment is intended to excel in 1 area, to keep you dry inside this jacket – this includes keeping you dry from your own sweat.  

We start with the highest end clear rain fabric on the market, Atom-3D. This membrane fabric will not allow cold air or water in but will allow hot air and moisture out, a truly groundbreaking product. Working together with this super fabric is a combination of Italian mesh panels and a highly complex cutting that we designed to regulate body temps and keep you dry.  

We do this in a few different ways. First would be our Shark gills design, this has a series of opening flaps along both sides of the torso that will open and shut depending on position, if you’re on the drops you get more airflow, if you’re on the tops you have less – we couple this with a section of wicking mesh we call the “catch”, the internal circulation will direct the sweat to this section and it’s designed to pull moisture off your back, catching it between the sandwich Italian mesh, we then use the airflow thru the gills to dry it.   

We have included a hood with visor that folds out of the collar, many of the top bike racers will tell you that following someone or a group in the rain will make glasses useless… The only option that works is the old school visor. When it’s not needed it’s secured and hidden in the collar with Velcro latch..  

We have added a hidden drop down flap designed to wrap under the rider (between rider and saddle) to make sure the chamois is kept dry and away from wheel spray. This secures back in place with 2 push clips.  

Other details you will see are reflective elements to keep you safer in low light conditions and soft elastic sleeves cuff’s to make sure no water will track up your arms.  

Anything we add to our Euro line has been tested by Professional riders, this garment has been years in the making, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. At the end of the day we believe if you don’t ride in the rain, you’re not a rider.  


If you want to race in it stay the same as your Euro level jersey’s. Women will need to size down 1 size.  

If you want to have it on the outside of other layers please size up one size. Women will keep it the same size as they’re Euro level jersey’s.   

If you are using the Pro level tops we advice to size up for both racing and layering. Women will stay the same size for racing and layering.  




Any questions please reach out to a VIE13 Rep first.  















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