Vie 13 Aero Socks

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The new FlyVIE13 Aero socks are in stock and ready to rock.

Made from our fastest Aero fabric these ultra tall aero socks will save you up to 4 watts over running no aero socks. Foot speed when combined with ground speed equals massive drag. No cheaper bang for your buck than to pull some of these Aero socks on.

The Cuff is made from the fastest wind tunnel proven fabric in the world, the Italian Swift fabric with 2 sections of silicone to keep it in rock solid place.

The foot bed is the softest, most elastic and coolest cotton you will ever pull on.

Set the aero fabric as low in the shoe as possible for best aero results.

***Pull the plastic protectors out before use.

S/M is size 9 (EU 42) and below.

L/XL is size 9.5 (EU 43) and above. Will fit up to a US 14 without issue.








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