Vie 13 Add Erthe White Base



Our 12 month project BABL has resulted in what we believe the most technical and comfortable base layers on the planet.

Like all of our products, performance was our first focus. These base layers are incredible thermoregulation garments, they excel at pulling sweat away from the body to regulate core temperatures and keep you dry and comfortable.

Add Erthe Base 66g for a Medium. All Natural and derived from renewable resources. A Cellulosic fiber blend of Natural Eucalyptus and Merino wool structured to manage the transportation of moisture and breathability. Unmatched for antibacterial and odor control properties.

*Women should order a size down


If you are interested in fully custom with your logos or artwork please call for details.










Available Sizes

2XS, 2XL, XS, S, M, L, XL

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