Men’s Tri Warrny (Elbow Sleeve)

The VIE13 Elbow Sleeve Tri Warrny is our fastest and highest end performance Tri suit. Developed in the tunnel to lower the CdA of each athlete and proven to be minutes faster in 1/2 and Full IM. We choose aero fabrics that lower the core temps as much as possible. Athletes can lose up to 10% of performance purely on heat towards the end of the race. We use a combination of Italian Wicking blow-thru style fabrics and Swiss coated fabrics reflecting UV light to keep the core temps down. The cutting is unique to be open in the front but joined in the back and sizes. Opened at the front limits pull and therefor rub with the fabric in the running leg but allows for an aero fitment in all the shapes a Triathlete makes. Opened collar design and long elbow length sleeves are also more comfortable, cooler, helps reduce rub and friction and provides better sun protection. The 2 large aqua fabric pockets on the back are independently sewn to allow you to carry what you need for the day without it bouncing around or ejecting if you hit a bump. When nothing is in the pocket these will pull tight to be completely aero. Italian Tri Chamois is the perfect balance between anti water logging comfort and flexibility to be comfortable on the run. A suit for the serious athlete looking to shave minutes off the events.

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Available Sizes

5XS to 5XL