Women’s Neo Fleece Long Sleeve Suit


The Women’s Fleece Long Sleeve Neo suit is our price point Aero fleece suit – we wanted to use our experience in creating the Pro Fleece suit (one of the very few Fleece Aero suits on the market) to create a price point version that kicks many of the same goals. We delivered with a Fleece Aero suit that athletes on a budget can afford. This uses the same bent over cutting as our Pro/Euro Aero suits with most of the seams wrapping to the back of the suit out of the wind. We used the same cutting edge knowledge of Fluid and Thermo Dynamics to strategically place mesh fabrics along the line between the quad, hamstring and again on the underarm and along the line of the lats. The combination of texture and heat leaving out of these mesh panels helps keep the air close to the body, smoothing out the turbulence caused by the pedal stroke.
Construction of this suit is mostly from a highly elastic Asian fleece backed elastane fabric with an Asian mesh for the venting panels. The grippers are folded Elastane to keep things secure and tight to the leg. Chamois is Taiwanese modeled off the Italian style. A great suit for all season riding and performance focused riders on a budget. Great garment for cold weather Time Trials, Track Cycling, Crits, Cyclo-Cross, MTB and any athlete that wants to cheat the wind and remain toasty warm.



Available Sizes

9XS to 9XL

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