Women’s Euro Short Sleeve Suit

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Our Women’s Short Sleeve Euro Skinsuit is one super comfortable aero suit. Between Speedskating and Track/Road cycling the owners of VIE13 have close to a combined 100 years experience in skinsuits! The cutting was developed in the riding position and tunnel tested to make sure this is worthy of being a VIE13 aero suit. Made with Track Cycling in mind this is mostly constructed of vertical lined Italian Swift fabric from MITI, one of the fastest tunnel tested fabrics on the planet. We also added in strategic Italian mesh vented panels on the lats and down the ITB of the leg – this not only helps make the suit cooler but also helps keep the turbulent air flowing close to the body. Not surprising, this item was showcased at the Rio Olympics.
Like all Euro level kit this is all laser cut and made with top of the line inks and machines. This suit also features a high end Women’s specific Italian chamois and top of the line Italian power gripper with silicone injection.



Available Sizes

5XS to 5XL