Women’s Euro Long Sleeve Warrny Suit (2pc)

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Out of all our items this would be the favorite. Most VIE13 athletes/customers will choose this as the best item we do. It’s already been worn to Professional National titles and ridden in World Cups and UCI races. It’s fast, light, cool and has a natural slimming/sleek look.

The Warrny suit was named after one of our sponsored riders that won the first ever Women’s Melbourne to Warrnambool race. The 300km single day Warrny as it’s known is the oldest classic in Australia and the 2nd oldest race in the world. Only the best item we make is worthy to honor this race and the rider that won it.

We think the Warrny suit is the future of kit’s. It’s a 2 piece construction that is joined in the back and sides but open in the front. The whole top of the suit spreads the support of the bottom rather than just the bibs straps. The top is made from very sheer Italian Tahiti fabric with 2 floating elastic pockets in the back. We designed these pockets independent of the suits main section for 2 reasons: 1 – To stop the annoying bounce that is common when you have items in the pockets of a skinsuit and 2 – To help the suit rotate from standing to a riding position without pulling or creasing fabrics.
The bottom is very similar to the Euro Summer Bib shorts and features the same Vie13 developed chamois. The chamois panel fabric is a high end Italian power stretch compression fabric, which we think offers the perfect amount of support and stretch. In fact these offer 33% more compression than our Pro level. Compression fabrics are used to help promote circulation and with more and more cyclists having issues with Arterial Endofibrosis due to loss of circulation in the External Iliac and Femoral arteries we wanted to do what we can to help promote blood flow in this area. We choose Eschler Coldblack fabric at 240 GSM for the side panels – this is made in Switzerland by Schoeller who is well known as an industry leader. Finally the grippers are our very popular Belgian Speed grippers, these aero grippers allow any size leg in them without restricting blood flow.



Available Sizes

5XS to 5XL


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